Saturday, 11 June 2011

Two Different Games

I was thinking today about how high ELO and low ELO games differ and the implications it has. I find that low ELO causes players who are good to actually do bad just because they expect people to do things that they just don’t. Like a tank who expects his team to commit to a team fight or for them to call miss. I also think it sad that these are the players who get called noobs by the newbie people sometimes. However, it could also be said that these people ARE bad and just don’t know how to adapt
I thought that I’d outline the major differences to structure in high ELO and low ELO.
A low ELO team normally consists of one person going mid who is usually a caster, two people on top lane and two people on bottom lane. If you’re lucky your team will have a tank and a decent amount of damage variation (AP and AD.) However, not much thought is put into this by many players who just want to pick the character they like playing even though it’s a ranked. There is also not much thought put into getting wards and dragon and Barron are objectives very rarely contested or sorted for. All in all a low ELO game is quite unstructured and not very interesting.
High ELO
High ELO games usually have some thought put into them. Top lane will have a solo who is usually a tank or a bruiser champion. The team will also have a jungler who is also usually a tank or dps (depending on what the team needs.) Mid lane will normally have a caster which is like low ELO. Bottom lane will normally have two people on it who are normally a support and a ranged AD carry. The support will let the ranged has all the creeps to keep up with the farm of the other lanes. However, bottom lane may also have one solo and another person roaming trying to initiate ganks with or without the jungler. Wards and neutral creeps also play a big part in high ELO, and map awareness is key.
So what do you do in low ELO? Play selfish. Don’t try to act like you’re in high ELO because it won’t work the people you’re with won’t understand what you’re doing. Just play like a normal LoL game, but get a ward or two.


  1. Nice post. I agree on the high ELO thing, definitely requires more strategy and thought.

  2. No dough that it needs more strategy! I totally agree with Neon.