Friday, 29 July 2011

Wukong is out!

So I got Wukong yesterday for the unsurprising price of 6300IP. What do I think of him? I think he's one of the most balanced and most enjoyable characters that have been released in a while. His moves synergies very well together and he get some great Nasus styled turret damage with his Q and a sheen. His W is very rewarding and fun to bait with. His E is pretty good at getting away and towards people Akali style.

The only real issue with him I have is his R and his passive. Wokong's passive feels a little weak as he's meant to be a bruiser style champion but unlike other bruisers such as Garren, he only gets 40 MR and armor and that's only where there's 5 enemies around. And his ult, which we can also compare to garrens spin to win, also feels a little weak doing less damage that Garren's E. Also, the knock up on it only happens once when it should have (in my opinion) an internal cooldown of two seconds because at the moment you only really use it for the knock up and the cancel the spell.

Even with these issues though, I still recommend him if you're looking for a really fun champion. As I said his moves work really well together and you can really pull off some crazy moves with his W and E spell. If not, wait a little while for riot to buff him.
P.S This may be a little late for American readers but what can I say, living in Europe aint great when it comes for gettingthings first.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Welcome, Goku the monkey king

Wukong the monkey king has been Riots pet champion that they've built up quite a lot of hype around. While I was uninterested at him at first, the gameplay Riot finally showed of him surprised me greatly and he looks like one of coolest champions to play in the game, especially his ult.

Also to note as possible interest for Dragon Ball (not Dragon Ball Z) fans is the potential reference to Goku through the design of the champion. Firstly, Wukong has a staff that extends in length. Power pole much? Also, Wukong is well, a monkey and Goku as well known for turning into an ape. It's just speculation but It'd be pretty interesting if that's who they based the champion off.

Sunday, 17 July 2011


Leona the Radiant Dawn. A jazzy little title and it would need to be for the steep IP price of 6300. A price the LoL community is getting more and more familiar with. Is it all worth it though for Riots first female tank?

Movelist -
Shield of Daybreak – Leona charges her shield with the power of the sun causing her next melee attack to deal additional damage and briefly stun the target.
Eclipse – Leona raises her shield granting her additional Armor and Magic Resistance for 3 seconds. When the effect ends she deals area of effect damage and increases the duration of the defensive bonuses by 3 seconds if she damages an enemy.
Zenith Blade – Leona throws a blade of sunlight that deals damage to all enemies in a line. Leona teleports to the last enemy champion hit by this attack.
Solar Flare – After a brief delay, Leona calls down a beam of solar energy dealing damage and slowing enemies. Enemies in the center of the beam are stunned instead of slowed.
Sunlight (Passive) – Leona’s abilities mark the target with sunlight. Allied champions that damage marked targets deal additional damage and consume the mark.

It's a pretty good set of moves which remind people a lot of the champion Jarvan. I have to say though she feels very different to Jarv and while she doesn't flow or do jobs such as jungling well like him, she is still a decent champion that can fit well into a strong team. However, I find her damage currently to be a little lacking and I know you may be thinking, 'Well she's a tank' and that's true but tanks need damage to be a threat. Not as much as a carry of course but enough for them to be a presence in a late game team fight. 

If you're looking for a fun new champion give her a try I think she's one of the only 6.3k champions worth the cost. However, if you're looking for a champion that would carry games wait a while and hope that Riot gives her damage a little love next patch.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

I'm Back

Hey everyone. I've been on vacation for a while now but i'm back thankfully and ready to discuss the new champion Leona. Well, when I get out of this queue.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Dreamhack Begins

At the 18th, Dreamhack will officially begin! I know personally I'm going to be watching every game, but who're you routing for? Personally, I'm hoping CLG will win just because HotshotGG's rants about Korea make me laugh. Not because I agree with him just because it's funny to watch him be mad.

On this subject, did anyone watch season one? I found them to be pretty good games myself, especially CLG vs EST. EST had complete controll on the first best of three and had complete barron controll and did some amazing team fights and baits. After CLG was beaten in their first match they won the first of their games and got a rematch.  They then won their rematch and well, now we get to watch Hotshot moan about Koreans while trying to win $100000

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Oh fiddlesticks!

Sorry for the pun, but every ones favourite scarecrow appears to be bugged on the league! It appears that if Lee Sin uses his safeguard onto a person, and Fiddlestick's Darkwinds them, they are both insta-killed. The bug appeared of recent since the new patch and has been witnessed during many streams and games. This was captured by LoL replay by a Janna who was insta killed by the well know jungler Stonewall.

This video has been claimed as a fake due to LoL Replay often bugging out the HP bars of people. However, as this is from Janna's perspective, her HP bars are in fact up to date and we can clearly see that it is indeed a bug.
So what do? Well you may want to do re-create this with friends in a custom game but don't do it in a real one. It is after all an exploit and therefor you could be banned for doing it. Don't worry though, as riot should fix it as quickly as they fix their server problems... May god have mercy on us all.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Two Different Games

I was thinking today about how high ELO and low ELO games differ and the implications it has. I find that low ELO causes players who are good to actually do bad just because they expect people to do things that they just don’t. Like a tank who expects his team to commit to a team fight or for them to call miss. I also think it sad that these are the players who get called noobs by the newbie people sometimes. However, it could also be said that these people ARE bad and just don’t know how to adapt
I thought that I’d outline the major differences to structure in high ELO and low ELO.
A low ELO team normally consists of one person going mid who is usually a caster, two people on top lane and two people on bottom lane. If you’re lucky your team will have a tank and a decent amount of damage variation (AP and AD.) However, not much thought is put into this by many players who just want to pick the character they like playing even though it’s a ranked. There is also not much thought put into getting wards and dragon and Barron are objectives very rarely contested or sorted for. All in all a low ELO game is quite unstructured and not very interesting.
High ELO
High ELO games usually have some thought put into them. Top lane will have a solo who is usually a tank or a bruiser champion. The team will also have a jungler who is also usually a tank or dps (depending on what the team needs.) Mid lane will normally have a caster which is like low ELO. Bottom lane will normally have two people on it who are normally a support and a ranged AD carry. The support will let the ranged has all the creeps to keep up with the farm of the other lanes. However, bottom lane may also have one solo and another person roaming trying to initiate ganks with or without the jungler. Wards and neutral creeps also play a big part in high ELO, and map awareness is key.
So what do you do in low ELO? Play selfish. Don’t try to act like you’re in high ELO because it won’t work the people you’re with won’t understand what you’re doing. Just play like a normal LoL game, but get a ward or two.